Is Man Inherently Evil?

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Is Man Inherently Evil? In today’s society, it’s incredibly easy to find bad news. Reports of the wrongdoings of humanity are constantly circling through the media. “Three women were kidnapped and held captive for ten years, a teenager shot up an elementary school, and a teenage girl was shot for wanting to go to school.” Many believe that mankind is born with a special form of evil and we do what we please with it. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible says otherwise. We as humans are very susceptible to fear. Among the most common fears are storms, the dark, heights, spiders, and snakes. But these things frighten us instinctively. The fear is natural, originating from ancient times where lightning could mean the end of your home, the dark could hold dangerous predators, heights could prove poor footing lethal, and a small bite from a spider or a snake could mean certain death. What about the fear of others? We are comfortable with calling people evil when they commit a horrible crime. We refuse to consider that any normal person is capable of such things when in reality, they’re only human. Here’s an example. There is a video circling the internet of Hitler flirting with a woman named Eva Braun. Many comments surround the video, most of them expressing unease at the lighthearted comments. What most people don’t understand is why this makes us uncomfortable. It is because it shows a human being, not a monster. It shows that he could be nice, even a little flirty. You want to see

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