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Is Mexico’s economy successful
Since mexico started becoming democratized in around 2002 the country has been showing strong macroeconomic growth and in 2012 Mexico’s GDP was growing faster than that of the United States. The most important ingredient in Mexico’s success is the rise of a middle class that consists of “younger, more educated, wealthier, healthier, and more able to integrate women into the labor force than any previous generation” (Werz, 2016). This means that while poverty still exists in many areas of Mexico, Mexico is not a poor country. Mexico achieved in a few decades the type of economic growth that took Europeans a century to obtain after they had made their first foray into industrialization (Werz, 2016).
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They chose to start production in Mexico in 2016. Audi Audi will join its parent company Volkswagen in the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, along with Honda, Nissan, and Mazda (Werz, 2016).The economic expansion that Mexico has been experiencing recently along with a stable government has made Mexico a global commodity and an attractive place for companies to set up businesses (Werz, 2016).
This economic growth has helped in the rise of the middle class. This is because its economic expansion has also converted the country into a sophisticated hub for high-value commodities, research, and advanced manufacturing (Werz, 2016).
The reason for Mexico’s economic growth is not just because companies are choosing to open businesses there or because of commodities, research or manufacturing. the growth of the country can also be attributed to the change in the country’s educational system and progress, modern urban culture and the emancipation of women which has led to a shrinkage in the size of families.
Why or why not
Mexico’s economy was supposed to soar. It’s starting to

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