Is Odysseus Not Hero?

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Fictional heroes are in shows, movies and books. No matter what we watch or read at the end, we realize that these heroes became heroes by improving themselves emotionally and helping others out of the goodness in their hearts. Many people argue that Odysseus is not hero but considering the things he does through his journey his characteristics began to show a little of his heroic side. In The Wanderings of Odysseus from the Odyssey a epic poem by Homer, Odysseus is on his way back to Ithaca his home island after winning the ten year old Trojan War to come see his wife, Penelope and his son, Telemachus. The journey to home takes a very unexpected turn for Odysseus and his men. Odysseus is challenged with many obstacles that show his good and bad characteristics. He faces monsters like Scylla, Charybdis and Cyclopes. He also deals with gods and goddess like Poseidon and Circe. Odysseus has to face many challenges during his journey and through most of them he learns to show courage and to stand up for his own decisions. After long years of waiting for Odysseus’ return Penelope puts on a contest for the suitors so they can find out who becomes her new husband. Little does Penelope know that Telemachus and Odysseus have a plan to save their kingdom from the suitors. Odysseus dressed as a beggar watches the suitors completely fail at the bow contest so he gives it a try and succeeds because the only person who could do it is himself. When his true identity is revealed he gets

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