Is Pop Music Good Or Bad Essay

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Every person enjoys music, but what do you enjoy it for? Music is known for its ability to strike people to the core of their being with unwavering emotion. As more and more people are available to millions upon millions of songs through online streaming services such as; Spotify and Apple Music, people are exposed to a rebellion of music. This rebellion cuts off from the mainstream media of popular music with artistic measure of individuality. With so many genres abandoning the traditional style of music one begs to question “ Is popular music so bad that we have to stray from it?” Since there are two opposing sides, which one is best credited with the worthiness to listen to? “Is pop music bad?” I entered into Google. The result? …show more content…

When the other genres emerged they weren’t considered music. The Odyssey writer is obviously more prepared with this topic. She claims that “from 2005 to 2015, song lyrics (this study included pop, rock, R&B and country music) have gone down to below third grade level — so easy a 7-year-old can comprehend. Aside from lyrics, a recent study in Spain analyzed pop songs from 1955 to 2010. Subjecting the music to an intense algorithm, researchers found that ‘pop songs have become intrinsically louder and [blander] in terms of the chords, melodies and types of sound used.’ Put simply, the ‘musical pool’ of sounds and rhythms used by pop artists is shrinking for no apparent reason.” Though the Huffington post writes from true facts to defend pop music, they cannot compare to legitimate statistics and scientific evidence that modern popular music is progressively dumbing down, on every level. Is a song being repetitive annoying or a good thing? Harris from The Huffington Post claims that people enjoy popular music for it’s repetitive nature. “Simple scientific facts point to why this is the case — the human brain responds well to patterns, so the more repetitive a song is, the ‘catchier’ it is, the easier it is to learn, and the more you ‘like’ it.” The problem with this argument is that it tell you why you like repetitive songs not if you should give into borderline brainwashing choruses. The alternative perspective? The Odyssey article makes the argument that

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