Is Post Secondary School Worth It?

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E. Lisette Marasigan
Mr. Kevin Gurubatham
17 May 2015
Is Post-Secondary School Worth It? In a society where the inflation of the broad economy is going up, it is being beat by the rapidly increasing tuition costs. Everyday people make the decision whether it is worth paying for high college tuition when job wages are decreasing. However, since the wages of jobs are going down it is more important now that people receiving a degree from a college or university. Therefore they can be on the top of the pay range by having the advantage of getting a job over high school graduates. It is worth paying the high tuition cost because the end result after forty years will be beneficial. As a college graduate, a person is pursuing a dream for their parent by surpassing their living situations, they are receiving more than an education which includes character traits and satisfaction of a job, and in the end they are going to be more financially stable than a high school graduate.
Background/ Cause of High Tuition The cost of post-secondary school started to rise quickly in the 1980’s to the point where it out grew the median family income. Since the rise of the tuition cost continues until the 1990’s which was during the boom of the stock market; that is when endowments came in to play due as to one of the ways to offset the cost for families (Ehrenburg, Tuition Rising: Why College Costs so Much, Cornell University). The reason why tuition in college is…
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