Is Racism Over? - Values Of An African American Life

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Is Racism Over?

Topic: Values of an African American life

Throughout the paper we will be exploring if has racism come to an end or just evolved as time went along. Im Going to explain the values of an African American lives throughout history till modern days. Explain the physiological abuse African American went through from back far as the middle passage. People never pay attention to the mind abuse and try to put themselves into the same circumstances. Can you imagine being in a boat in pitch black? Do you have any idea what that would do to a human being? As human beings certain events can trigger a nervous breakdown and cause you to lose sanity. Certain Events that African Americans had to go through was being captured from the homelands with the high chance of never going back. The mentally damages of which the place you call home being taken away from you and not having the power to do anything about it. Going through the Jim Crow era where you were being haunted and targeted. To now where it feels like if you are African American life is harder and have a constant fear due to the color of your skin.

As a nation can we place a values on certain people lives due to the color of their skin? Throughout history it seems like the white man have been in charge and superior to others. When can someone change from a human being to another person properties? If you look through history Africans welcomed Europeans to Africa and allowed…
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