Is Racism Over? - Values Of An African American Life

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Is Racism Over?

Topic: Values of an African American life

Throughout the paper we will be exploring if has racism come to an end or just evolved as time went along. Im Going to explain the values of an African American lives throughout history till modern days. Explain the physiological abuse African American went through from back far as the middle passage. People never pay attention to the mind abuse and try to put themselves into the same circumstances. Can you imagine being in a boat in pitch black? Do you have any idea what that would do to a human being? As human beings certain events can trigger a nervous breakdown and cause you to lose sanity. Certain Events that African Americans had to go through
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The ability to place another human being through the abuse and try to justify it with religion shows how they felt about the blacks. Using pigments to treat people in certain ways and to classify them as property. Then throughout history they start treating them a little better but never truly equal. In most situation people decide to ignore this and sweep it under the rug.
Life as an African American in the United States is a constant struggle. African Americans had to endure more in their life than anyone can ever imagine. They had to fight for everything they had including natural human right everyone is born with but it’s a battle they had to fight. Never feeling like you belong can really mess with someone’s mental status. How could humans dehumanize other humans? From the moment their being born, their born into a world of no acceptance. A world where they will never be accepted. Having an empty feeling through out your whole life is going to have such an impact on how you see everything else. Never going to feel normal. But then again what was normal? Was being normal slaving over a white family, or watching your mom gets treated like she’s nothing? This affects your mind and the way you think for the rest of your life. You’re never going to think normal because their normal is always going to be different.
Whether we like to consider it or not, racism and slavery is associated
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