Is The Safe Harbor Law? Essay

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The Safe Harbor law is there for many human trafficking victims, it not only provides assistance for human trafficking victims, to heal from the trauma of this crime, but this law also allows juvenile judges to hold hearings to determine whether a minor is a human trafficking victim and a procedure to temporality set aside the complaint for a crime such as prostitution or other related offenses. The safe harbor law is to try to ensure the safety and wellbeing of minor human trafficking victims. I would like to look into what procedures are set in place for minor’s vs adults, men vs female, because not only are children taken but adults are also, or they just are “stuck” in the world of human trafficking. Not only are women targeted, but so are men. How can we prevent such crimes from happening and how we can protect ourselves from falling victims? Even though no matter how much we do someone will always find a way to continue this crime of human trafficking, but the more we are aware of such things the more we can prevent and protect the victims. Ohio has a safe harbor law, but it does have many weaknesses, strengths, and has room for improvement. Education and training for all police personnel is crucial to help identify and protect the victims of trafficking, these victims can include adults, children, men and women. In the books, Hidden Girl and Renting Lacy, both these stories have personal experiences of what Shyima and Star went through, while the system failed Star,
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