Is The Threat Of International Security?

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Is ISIS a threat to international security? ISIS is a threat to international security because they attack, murder, torture and slaughter innocent people, villages and cities. ISIS sees itself as the "Islamic Caliphate" and controls lots of land in western Iraq and eastern Syria. They also pledge "allegiance" from different radical Islamic groups around the world. ISIS started from U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Saddam Hussein fighters were left without a job, and they were furious. Al Qaeda chose to capitalize on their anger and established al Qaeda in Iraq, to wage an insurgency against U.S. troops in Iraq (Saddam was secular, but his intelligence and military supporters were able to make common cause with the jihadis of al Qaeda). …show more content…

“By late 2014, the Pentagon was claiming that over 20,000 ISIS supporters had been killed by its air war. If this estimate is remotely accurate, then ISIS should be very badly affected and in retreat from much of the territory it holds.”(Par 3). Although many ISIS fighters are being killed from air war, they 've yet to retreat from land where they are getting hit from. “Fighting the terrorist group ISIS from the air is coming at a high price for US taxpayers — about $11 million per day, according to the latest Defense Department Data. The air war has cost the US about $5.5 billion total since it began in August 2014. The Military Times noted that the daily cost of the war has jumped about $2 million since June.”(Par 1&2 from Business Outsider). Although the repetitive airstrikes on ISIS may be costly, they are necessary in the fight to let them know we won 't stand down and we will keep fighting.
“My testimony today will focus on comparing Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. I argue that Al Qaeda and its affiliates remain a threat to the U.S. homeland, while the Islamic State’s danger is more to the stability of the Middle East and U.S. interests overseas. Much of their rivalry involves a competition for affiliates, with both trying to spread their model and in Al Qaeda’s case to ensure its operational relevance. For now the Islamic State’s focus is primarily on Iraq and Syria and to a lesser degree on other

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