Is The United States Economy Doing Well Since The Great Recession? Essay

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Is the United States economy doing well since the Great Recession? It is, according to economic data. I base my argument on the answers to three states concerning the health of the macroeconomy. The first goal is that of full employment. Full employment is a state in the economy where virtually all who are willing and able to work are employed. The second goal focuses on economic growth, or the growth of our GDP. This is the value of all finished goods and services produced in the United States in a given time period. Good economic growth can be measured by the rate of growth of the GDP. The third goal seeks price stability. Is the value of the dollar inflating, deflating, or staying constant? If the answers to these questions are positive, then it can be stated that our economy is in good shape. We can gauge approximately how well the people in our economy are doing by measuring the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is the percentage of people who are unemployed divided by the number of people who are in the labor force. If we observe the most recent data for unemployment, we can see that the rate is 5%. A month ago, the rate was 4.9%. A year ago, it was 5.1%. However, during the end of the great recession, the unemployment rate was 9.5%. Thus, our economy has come a long way from the recession in terms of unemployment. Another measure of economic prosperity is full employment. Full employment is the status achieved when virtually all the people who can work are
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