Is Utilitarianism Too High for Humanity Essay

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Is utilitarianism too high for humanity? As humans we have made many choices in our lives, some are quick and easy while others are difficult and takes time. But did we ever wonder if our choices are right or wrong? What is morally right? According to utilitarianism's fundamental principle of morality, the right choice is always the one that maximizes utility, it is the one that brings the most happiness and the least suffering. On paper this looks very good and ideal, because let's face it pretty much everyone wants happiness since it brings them pleasure and no one wants to suffer. However despite that, there have been many objections to this theory, one of which says utilitarianism is too high for humanity in which I disagree, this …show more content…

While many would agree that the action is terrible and unjust, one should think what would have happened if Pinky just left his aunt. Ultimately she would have died due to her sickness. While she might not be happy with Pinky's actions and sad even, it is likely she is happier than if she just died. One should not judge an action based on the motive, but see what it brings, many good things happen intentionally or unintentionally because we have ulterior motives. What if the right action doesn't benefit our interests in any way? Another objection against Mill's reply says that utilitarianism is too demanding because we should maximize overall happiness regardless of our interests. Mill replies to this saying that unless it's a great contribution to society, our self interests are weighted more. So only in very rare cases would we have to give up our self interests to make the choice right. I also agree with this reply because our self interests should definitely weigh more than the happiness of a few people, after all as humans we are very selfish in general. However if it is on a large-scale such as helping a big community in a great way without taking a lot of time, we need to consider what we are giving up and put our interests aside in order to contribute for the greater good as long as it is not too demanding. Overall utilitarianism is

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