Is Witch Trails A Thing Of The Past?

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Being that the Salem Witch Trails date back to over three hundred years, many people believe witch trails are a thing of the past. However, modern day witch trails are still extremely prevalent. Modern-day witch-hunts are reported to still be happening in Africa, the Pacific, Latin America, even in the U.S. and Europe. According to a New York Times article, within the last fifteen years alone, more than 2,000 Indians have been killed after being accused of witchcraft. Almost all of the accused have been women, usually accused by a neighbor or due because of personal disputes about land rights or personal property. Not only are witch-hunts going on in India, but reports have also come in from Papa New Guinea. Starting in 2000, when a newspaper reported men were tortured with weapons, including iron rods, before being beaten and burned to death, there have been many accusations of people partaking in witchcraft. Not only are these accusations happening to woman, they are happening to men, children, and the elderly. Causes for witch-hunts in Papa New Guinea are believed to have steamed from problems between men and the community, sparked because of the lack of educational and economic opportunities, also fueled by drug use. It is heavily debated that one of the reasons the Salem Witch Trials had such an impact on America is because modern day witch hunts have made what happened in Salem still relevant. One theory states that the witch scare was brought on by the ministers as a
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