Is X Rays Cervical Spine?

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Regarding X-Rays cervical spine, ODG states that X-rays cervical are recommended for chronic neck pain, patient older than 40, history of remote trauma, first study

Regarding X-Rays Lumbar, CA MTUS & ODG states that lumbar spine x rays should not be recommended in patients with low back pain in the absence of red flags for serious spinal pathology, even if the pain has persisted for at least six weeks.

Regarding X-Rays bilateral shoulders, ODG does not recommend X-rays of shoulder for chronic problems.

Regarding X-Rays bilateral wrists, ODG recommends X-rays of wrist for chronic wrist pain, first study obtained in patient with chronic wrist pain with or without prior injury, no specific area of pain specified.

Regarding X-Rays bilateral thumbs, ODG does not recommend X-rays of thumbs for chronic problems.

Regarding MRI cervical spine, CA MTUS supports imaging studies with red flag conditions; physiologic evidence of tissue insult or neurologic dysfunction; failure to progress in a strengthening program intended to avoid surgery; clarification of the anatomy prior to an invasive procedure and definitive neurologic findings on physical examination, electrodiagnostic studies, laboratory tests, or bone scans.
Regarding MRI Lumbar spine, CA MTUS supports imaging of the lumbar spine in patients with red flag diagnoses where plain film radiographs are negative; unequivocal objective findings that identify specific nerve compromise on the neurologic examination, failure to

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