Island of Kora Ethics Essay examples

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The Island of Kora READ: CASE #15 THE ISLAND OF KORA THE ISLAND OF KORA acts as the case designed to bring all the points discussed in this class together. Therefore, this case calls for an application of all the points that have been previously discussed. After reading the case, design a plan for solving the islander’s problems. Your plan should include the theoretical basis your plan uses, the decision making procedure you would use, as well as the specific action you would take to resolve the problem. Also, do not forget that in the islander’s eyes you are the Supreme Being. (About 5 typed pages) When confronted with the daunting task of saving a population, there are many factors that must be taken…show more content…
Not everyone is going to survive. Those who cannot abide by our laws makes our decision of who lives or dies that much easier. A stable and solid foundation is the key to any societal success and strength. We must first establish rules about our sanitation. It will no longer be tolerated to have such unsanitary conditions. We will have designated authorized sanitation areas. These areas will be rotated throughout the year depending on the climate and raining season. We must establish to clean environment to minimize our illness and diseases. Any violation of these areas will be met with strong restrictions for a first offense: no food for one week. The second violation will result in banishment from the island. History has shown that once our ecology is disrupted and our natural resources are gone, we will start dying off. In order to avoid this fate, we must act now. Our next step to recovery will be with our livestock. I understand that human life carries more worth than that of livestock. However, we cannot succeed without our livestock. We must first restore the health of our livestock in order to prosper. We cannot afford to lose any more livestock and that starts now. We initially give the highest regard to our livestock. The livestock will not go without ample feeding and clean water. We have to restore our livestock population has in both health and numbers. We will continue to farm as we have over the past
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