Issues And Development Of Capitalist Societies

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Reginal issue and unbalanced development in capitalist societies are significant problems, particularly, the “old industrial regions.” So socio-economic exploration is a solution to the uneven development of OIRs.
There are six arguments: First, regional development and uneven development can not avoid in capitalist economies. Second, it is necessary to improve with national policies; Third, the limitations, and failures of some systems result from the integration of social contradictions into national economic activities; Fourth, the response of the national grassroots and economy to imbalances; Fifth, understanding of the failure of early policy and continue to explore; Last, the capacity of socio-economic solutions to this problem also limited.
There are also four axioms: First, the development of capital accumulation in the process of deformity can not avoid; Second, Labor relations in the class structure of capital is dominant; Third, there are other causes of deformity, such as race and gender divide space-based labor market; Last, production must have its place or leading to devaluation and loss of capital, such as the emergence of abandoned towns.
The operation of private capitalism for the benefit of the calculation was resulting in the economic downturn. The lack of investment, as well as the government 's benign abandonment, forcing the depleted community into a ghost town. An example of an old industrial coal city in Britain given that workers need to make money…
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