Issues With Binge Drinking And Its Effects On Your Body Essay

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Lindsey Salas Period 3 Mr. Bolivar November 2, 2016 Issues with binge drinking Many people consider alcohol as a drug because people are addicted to it ,and it can kill you. It has affected our society because many people have died or killed someone innocent causing their lives to end shortly. Alcohol is considered a depressant, the amount of alcohol you consume depends how your body reacts .This research paper will analyze alcohols immediate, permanent and fatal effects on your body. Our brain is an example of an immediate change due to causing many effects that can damage us forever. Some side effects are difficult walking, blurred vision, a slurred speech, slow reaction,it can even cause you to forget your memory from slips of memory to permanent memory loss. A slow reaction can be bad because if you are in danger you will have a low reaction and it can cause you to be killed or be in danger of an accident. Alcohol is known as a depressant it can disrupt balance,affecting our thoughts, feeling, and actions. Many people go to alcohol for a stress reliever and to forget about their problems. It may help you forget your problems, but will it solve them? You may start of with only one shot then that will lead to 10 more then to a bottle next thing you know you don 't know what is going on. If your mind isn 't completely conscious it makes it easier for you to be a victim of rape. For women it is easier to be a target due to having alcohol

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