It Is Far Beyond Just Population

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actions to control their populations to extreme, unethical measures. This corruption is in fact

related to the idea of overpopulation, but the motivation behind it is far beyond just population

control. Governments in these developing countries are vastly corrupted and are the reason

behind such a suppressed population of people that seem to have no understanding of their basic

human rights. “The principle focus of such programs was ‘family planning’ (i.e. birth control):

‘during the early part of the 20th century, condoms had been associated with individual defense

against unwanted children or syphilis in the pursuit of personal pleasure. In the late 1960s and

early 1970s, they connoted a public defense against a new epidemic called the population

explosion’. Concerns and fears over adequate food, water and other natural resources sometimes

led to coercive policies. India instituted forced sterilization campaigns, while China implemented

its one-child policy. Indonesian caravans of medical personnel, police and military officers

entered towns to pressure families into limiting their procreation. Population control programs

were often explicitly linked with national security concerns.” (Fletcher 1199) Abortion, killing

and abandonment of babies (especially baby girls) or growing up just to have them suffer from

starvation and malnutrition, are inhumane alternatives to controlling a population, yet they are

happening everyday around the world.…
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