It Was A Beautiful Day At Our Los Angeles Pad

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It was a beautiful day at our Los Angeles pad. Myself, Burt Ward, was just getting back from work with my best friend in the world Adam West. “Ah, solving mysteries and saving the day truly does tire a person out. Am I right my partner in crime?”, said Adam.
“What mystery did you solve?”, I inquired. “Why my quirky prodigy how have you forgotten? We just stopped that devious jokester from stealing precious minerals to fund destroying Gotham only this morning.”,exclaimed Adam. “I will not rest until my beloved city is safe from these villains.” “Adam, we 've gone over this a few times, you aren 't actually batman.” “What are you saying?! Robin i 'm surprised, you mustn 't be thinking clearly after this long day.” As I tried to explain …show more content…

When the land came into sight I noticed the dense forest surrounding the mountains at the center of the island. We got on the dock and headed to our quarters. On our way there we ran into the Mayor of this small community.
“Hello, and welcome esteemed guests to this little piece of paradise. Some of the locals are scared of old spirits and such, but it 's just superstition. I just wish they would let me open the island up more to outsiders like yourselves so that we could get more business. This island has many natural riches on it. But, I can 't change people 's minds, so there is no sense fussing about it. I better get back to work now. So you just enjoy your stay and don 't mind all the hullabaloo.” We thanked the mayor for his warm greeting and were back on our way. The rooms were incredibly nice, it also had a study that would work as an office for our investigation. Adam was unpacking in his room, so I decided to go on a walk. I turned the corner to leave the block I was on when an old man signaled me over. He must have been seventy, the hunch in his back and the scars on his face were indications I might not want to trust him. Nevertheless I listened to his tale.
Strange things happen around these parts, the gods are angry at the people of this island. Noises wake us in the night, people have started to disappear. It 's not safe for outsiders like you and your tv star friend. Leave! And don 't look

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