It Was Cold Windy Night

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It was cold windy night and everyone was asleep except me. I couldn’t sleep I was shaking and turning nonstop. I finally realized it was pointless to stay in this uncomfortable bed. I walked carefully around my brother and sister but they awoke I could never count on them to stay asleep with my loud elephant like feet. “What are you doing up so late Taylor?” my curious sister laney asked. “Yah what are you doing up I have to get up early tomorrow?” my brother John whispered. “Just go back to bed!” I demanded. They tossed and rolled around for a little bit but finally settled down. I finished making my way outside to get some water from the well. When I realized that my family and I were all alone out here in the country,a shadowy figure was approaching. I quickly ran inside and hurried to wake my parents. Both my parents jumped at first but finally came to. “Why did you wake me up,” yelled my father? As I was hurrying to the door to lock it, I told them what I had saw. My father jumped up and looked through a crack in the wall. I admit our house wasn’t on the favorable side, but this home was all my family and I ever needed. Out of nowhere thunder and lightning came crashing down lighting up the whole sky. I looked through a crack and saw the stranger’s face. He was tall and had a lot of scars. His wispy hair twirled in the wind. The man was standing where I was at the well and he took the longest drink I’d ever seen. I turned around to look at my family. My mom
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