It's All About the Literature

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It’s all about the Literature Heather Henegar Grand Canyon University: RDG-514 July 2, 2015 It’s All About the Literature As with any area in curriculum and instruction, teachers should not be fully dependent on one source, but rather use a variety of resources to help students understand content. The same can be said with the use of textbooks. Teachers should supplement core curriculum with quality trade books (GCU, 2012). Trade books can offer a wealth of information such as a means to expand vocabulary, clarify concepts, explore real-world situations, and entertain (GCU, 2012). Furthermore, Johnson & Small, (2008) stated, “In contrast to textbooks, nonfiction trade books can support instruction in nearly every subject…which…show more content…
In this story, the king has to discuss information with his knights. At first his table is rectangular. It is hard for all of the knights to hear with the king is saying. The King asks Sir Cumference to see if he and Lady Di can come up with a better table. The table is then transformed into a square, a parallelogram, an octagon, an oval, and finally Sir Cumference finds a round piece of a tree trunk that will work for a table. The table is perfect and everyone lives happily ever after (Neuschwander & Geehan, 1997). | This book fits with fourth-grade instruction because they are expected to understand the attributes of various shapes and how many degrees there are in a circle. | 4.MD.5 | What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? By Steve Jenkins & Robin Page (2002). | Science | This book begins by asking questions about certain animals without showing the whole animal. When the page is turned, the reader is given a description of how a particular animal uses that part. For example one page says, “What do you do with a tail like this” (Jenkins & Page, 2002). Then on the following page is says, “If you’re a skunk you lift your tale to warn that a stinky spray is on the way” (Jenkins & Page, 2002). | The New Mexico Standards ask for fourth-grade students to know and understand animal adaptations and methods of survival (NMPED, 2003). This book gives relevant information when teaching this topic. | NM 2-2-1, NM 2-2-2, NM, 2-2-3 | The
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