Iuka, Alabam A Short Story

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It was around ninety degrees with a one hundred percent chance of rain on that long and gloomy Saturday. The air was hot and so humid you’d swear you were going to suffocate just standing out in the open. What better day to have the annual family reunion down in Iuka, Mississippi. As we traveled across the state line the cruel Alabama weather slowly started to fade within the back glass of my mom’s traverse. I remember looking through the front window there was sunshine for miles. I thought to myself “hey maybe this will be a good day after all.” I’ll be the first to tell you, that in fact I was wrong.

Slowly pulling into the yard we see that my very old fashioned Pentecostal family has set up microphones and amps across the front porch; not seeming to be worried about their neighbors in the very crowded subdivision. “Great” I thought as I looked over to my fairly new boyfriend who within two minutes already looks over whelmed. Coming from a very small, reserved missionary Baptist church this was anything but normal to the both of us. Soon a cool breeze starts to blow in sending the smell of good food straight into the air. Now this is what we came for. …show more content…

On the table laid cold pizza and left over KFC chicken along with any type of potato salad you could ever think of. To make matters worse there was a swarm of flies covering the food like a blanket. I remember thinking I was in a scene from Napoleon Dynamite. Humiliated and disgusted, we slowly start to make a plate of food we know our stomachs can

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