Jack Kerouac On The Road

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Dorest 1
Erlange Dorest
Professor David Nixon
ENC 1102
11 December 2017
On the Road
Jack Kerouac was an American writer and poet of French-Canadian descent who made a significant mark in history in writing during the post-World War II era. He was recognized as the leader of the Beat movement generation and most popular book, “On the Road” which was published in 1957. The Beat Generation was known as the movement that was started by a group of authors that researched and influenced American culture and politics at the time. It can be understood to say that the Beat Generation was the precursor for the Flower Children of the 1960’s. These group of authors of the Beat Generation included Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Sal Paradise and others. Majority of the work of the Beat Generation was recognized and published during the 1950s. Jack Kerouac’s first novel “Town and City” was published in 1950 was an autobiography of small town values and inspirations city life. Unfortunately, his first novel did not give him much recognition. Jack Kerouac also wrote The Dharma Bums, Visions of Cody, The Subterraneans, Desolation Angels, Lonesome Traveler and several other novels. He originally wrote “On the Road” in 1951 on a single scroll manuscript paper stretching 120 feet long which publishers rejected for six years. “On the Road” took Jack Kerouac three weeks to write and was an immediate best seller once it got published in 1957. Jack Kerouac’s writing of the book

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