Jack Roosevelt (Jackie) Robinson Essay

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Jack Roosevelt (Jackie) Robinson

He was the first black person to ever be at bat in the Major Leagues, and made his name famous. But now, everyone seems to have forgotten this great legend. So I hope that this will refresh your memory, had if you’ve never heard of him this is what happened in his life:

Born on January 31 1919 in Cairo Ga., Jack Roosevelt (Jackie) Robinson, he was raised on the Sasser Plantation. He grew up without a father who left for Florida with another mans wife, leaving his real wife (Mallie Robinson) to raise five kids: Mack, Jack, Edgar, Willa Mae, and Franck, on her own.

After his father left Jack’s family became poor and had to live in a cabin. Soon after that, in 1920, Mallie sold a few of her family’s …show more content…

Robinson graduated from high school, and enrolled in Pasadena Junior Collage in 1937. He was in college for sports meanwhile his mother wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer. He joined the football team in 1937, but broke his ankle, and had no choice but to sit out half the season. With out him, his team submitted to 4 losses in a row. When he recovered a bit, he led the team to win 5 games and tie 1.

After fully recovering, he went onto basketball. He lead his team in scoring rite away, and found that he was the attention of the opposing team’s defense. Despite his talent, abuse was a problem. In one game an opposing player, Sam Babich from Long Beach kept on taunting, and fouling him. But by the end of the game, Babich was out cold after picking a fight with Jackie.

His basketball season ended, and he started track, and baseball. In track he broke his older brother’s collage record with a jump of 25’ 6.5". In baseball ha lead with a batting average of .417 and a total of 25 stolen bases. He continued dazzling everyone with his baseball skills, and even got a scholarship to UCLA in 1938.He played football there, and his friends were thinking about careers in the NFL, but for Jackie it was almost impossible because the NFL was as white as the Major Leagues.

Now most people know that from 1939 to 1945 Word War II was going on, and therefore Jackie was aware that he’d soon be drafted into the

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