Jackie Robinson Broke Baseball 's Color Barrier

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Jackie Robinson

During the 1940 's, the African Americans were segregated from the Whites in America. White people in America had a lot more advantages or opportunities. Up until when Jackie Robinson potentially brought the two races together, many signs of hatred were shown on the African Americans. They had separate schools, restaurants, and transportation systems. Nobody ever thought that the two races would be integrated one day. Predictably, life at this time was not very easy for African Americans. Civil Rights activists, though, were determined to change the way African Americans were treated. In November of 1945, Jackie Robinson broke baseball 's color barrier becoming the first African American to play Major League Baseball. Robinson made his first appearance playing for Brooklyn Dodgers. People were at first skeptical about letting an African American into the sport. Branch Rickey, the Dodgers general manager, ignored the skepticism and gave robinson the go ahead to join his team. Soon they realized that a new era in our country has begun. Jackie Robinson entered the league reluctant to know about the hate that he would get but left one of the greatest players in the sport for not only his talent but what he did for the country. This opened the sport and many other things for the African American race. Jackie Robinson being the first African American to play the game, brought many more African Americans to play and watch the game. Robinson playing baseball

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