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Jake Fuller 05-16-2017 HEC 357 Music Therapy; How it effects emotional and physical health. Purpose of Study The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects that music therapy has individual and family health. The purpose of study relates directly to benefitting the community. Research Questions How can music therapy effect an individual with a disability? How does music therapy effect an individual’s emotions? How can music therapy help with health issues? Definitions and Terms Music Therapy- Music therapy is a systematic process of intervention wherein the therapist helps the client to promote health, using music experiences and the relationships that develop through them as dynamic forces of change. (Rafieyan, 2017) Emotion- A…show more content…
Atlee and Matthews predecessor named Dr. Benjamin Rush, studied and proposed that music also can help treat diseases (American Music Therapy Association, 2017). Music therapy is the art of soothing or relaxing an individual or stabilizing an individual’s mood by playing or listening to certain sounds and music. Literature Review Throughout my research, I have analyzed music therapy and the effects this can have with individuals who have depression, anxiety, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s and many other mental illnesses that are rampant in our society. Music therapy is used to soothe an individual and create a relaxing environment. The first research study that I analyzed was from the 2017 Health Psychology Report. The study discussed the links between music therapy between the emotional and behavioral synchrony of children with autism. Synchrony is the connectiveness with emotion and yourself. As individuals struggle with autism struggle with synchrony and understanding their own emotions, the study looked to see if music therapy would synchronize the individuals and regulate their emotional and behavioral state. The study was done by analyzing 25 children in between the ages of 4-6, each of these children had a illness that falls on the autism spectrum disorder, or also known as ASD (Venuti, 2017). The study hosted 20 sessions, where the researchers examined, facial expressions, body position, emotion and just

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