James L. Swanson 's Bloody Times : The Funeral Of Abraham Lincoln And The Manhunt For Jefferson Davis

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James L. Swanson’s Bloody Times: The Funeral of Abraham Lincoln and The Manhunt for Jefferson Davis describes the separate journey of the two most important faces of the civil war, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Swanson seems to write for the purpose of allowing readers to experience the final journeys of what he believes is the most unique time in history.
This adolescent version of Swanson’s adult novel, Bloody Crimes, describes Lincoln’s journey to the grave and the manhunt for the accused Davis. The North United States was “led by Abraham Lincoln, fighting to keep the Southern states from seceding from the United States. The South, led by its president, Jefferson Davis, believed it had the absolute right to quit the Union… …show more content…

The telegraphs also allowed the audience to compare the point of views between Lincoln and Davis as well as compare the time difference of then and now. The pictures allowed Swanson a basis to base his information on that also proved it to be true. Swanson also went above standards and included, in the last pages of the book, “who’s who,” “glossary,” “places to go,” and a “for further reading” page. The “who’s who” section had the names and the title of the individuals in the Confederacy and the Union. Throughout the book, Swanson bolded important words, he placed the definition to these words in the “glossary.” The “places to go” portion described the location of where events took place and the memorials that were described in Bloody Times. Swanson also took the time to create a “for further reading” section that would help the readers get additional information on the topic through similar books or sources. These little portions of the book allowed the readers to get extra insight that may have been needed on the topic. The real adventure begins in chapter seven when “at 7:22 A.M. on April 15, Abraham Lincoln died.” This starts the question of who killed Lincoln? The tension rises as most of the nation believed Davis was the murder, it is even more suspenseful that he was no where to be found. Davis had fled two weeks prior to Lincoln’s assassination. The Confederate states did not believe Richmond would be captured;

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