Japanese Culture In The Documentary : Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

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In the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, there are many examples of a strong social influence among the Japanese people. In Japanese culture, every individual pushes the other to strive for perfection in their field of work. Japanese elders are highly respected and looked upon for guidance or as roles models. These social influences are what cause the ancient Japanese culture to still flourish through the people of Japan today. Social influences motivate Jiro to strive for perfection and to be a master sushi chef.
Jiro’s childhood experiences have had a major effect on the man that he has become. At the age of seven years old, Jiro began working at a local restaurant. In the documentary, he describes events that happened to him while working as a young boy. He talks about being hit by his boss and always mentions incidents of receiving verbal abuse from his boss. Despite the obstacles that he faced, Jiro continued working, trying to better himself. Two years later, he was forced to leave home by his father and started studying as an apprentice in a sushi shop in Tokyo. The negative influence Jiro received from his family made him a stronger and more determined individual. Jiro states in his documentary that once you choose your job, you must immerse yourself in it and learn to love it. He also stated that a person should never complain about their job. The societal expectation in Japan for children to work hard a young age helped mold the foundation of Jiro’s work ethic.

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