Jarold: A Hero's Journey

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This was the moment Jarold realised that this was his final chance to regain his life, and he was left to make a choice. The rest of his life will depend on this decision, which will not only affect himself, but those around him as well, including his dog, Jerry Junior. In the end, Jarold made the correct choice, and chose the right path. This path led Jarold to a very steep and slippery hill that he would have to climb, but if he knew that if pulled himself through it, he would make it to the top, where he would finally be able to see the light of his dark tunnel of struggles. He would then be led to success and to the life he deserved from the beginning. At this point, Jarold finally believed that anything would be possible if he made it …show more content…

Jarold was extremely proud of himself. His smile could be seen from across the world and he felt powerful for once. Even though he didn’t become the best person on earth after getting this job, he was overjoyed by the fact that he chose the path to climb that steep hill, and he was just as proud as a peacock for overcoming such an awful life experience. His eyes twinkled like stars in a clear night sky, as he felt like a king, watching down on the people who brought him down in the past. When Jarold left his first day of work, he went to walk his dog, Jerry Junior at the park. As they were strolling around in the big, spacious park, the sun was setting and the sky was pink and orange. Suddenly, Jarold spotted a tree in the middle of the park that seemed to be glowing. He silently stared at the leafless and lifeless looking tree as the bracing breeze blew his hair...and he was astonished. Jarold noticed that this tree represented his life. This unique tree reminded him that no matter how much he lost, or how much he has left, he can still get through his life happily, if he tries to accomplish it. Although you may not see it, there will always be a light in life behind you as a

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