Jaun Bocsh

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Jaun Bocsh

It all started on July 30th, 1909 when Juan Bosch was born to a Catalan father and a Puerto Rican mother. Juan Bosch was born in La Vega, Dominican Republic where most of the income came from farming. Due to Bosch's surrounding he grew up close to peasants and landowners, even though his father owned a small business in La Vega, Dominican Republic. While many thought that he would follow in his fathers footsteps he decided to become a writer, novelist, essayist, political leader, and a former president of the Dominican Republic(Olmmos 4). All those experiences he lived as a child in the small town of La Vega, played a fundamental role in his political and creative development, as the Dominican campesino. Juan Bosch
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In the story Cristino the farmer is sick so Don Pio the master has decided even though Cristino is one of his very best laborer he has to go before he gets worse or gets the other workers sick. Since Don Pio appreciated his hard labor he gave him half-a-dollar and sent him on his way, but Cristino asked to stay one more day because he could not make it to town in his condition and Don Pio agrees he should stay but to leave early in the morning. When Cristino stands up he sees from far a cow and notices it must of given labor, suddenly Don Pio comands him to go get the cow for him to see, but Cristino could barely walk or see from the fever, when Don Pio saw that he hestitated he got mad but after asking him a couple of times Cristino goes and gets the cow. Don Pio stays looking at him when Herminia a neighbor approaches and asks him what had happen. Don Pio says the story and she say that he is to nice with his workers, when they all turn out to be ungrateful. In another Story En un Bohio, Bosch describes the living standards of a poor person in his country. It reveals the brutalizing effects of poeverty on human beings. Bosch gives a good description of how the typical Campesino in his country lives. He reminds us that we do not know everything millions of people out there are working and suffering 30 times more than us. Not only does he show us how the native people of Dominican Republic live but

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