Jay Williams : A Short Story

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When something bad happens, you’re faced with a choice; either give up or try to turn it to something good. Jay Williams was a basketball player on the Bulls who, at the time, was very young and very talented. Sadly, he got into a career ending motorcycle crash, and he created a memoir in which he talked about the struggle of staying positive in such hard times. He had started to give up when he realized writing the story was a good griefing method for him and that is the start of this memoir. . He finished by saying while acknowledging his basketball career had been ended by the accident, however the accident also opened the path to a new one. As in Jay Williams case, following is the memoir of an accident that has shaped my life.
My alarm went off at 6:30, and I crawled out of bed, still tired from the night before. I remember thinking maybe I should skip football. In hindsight, that would’ve saved me from a lot of pain, but we had our first 7 on 7 that day, so I went. It started off just like any other practice with warm up and then we separated to work in our groups. As a receiver, I was catching the ball very well that day, I recall thinking that it may be the best practice I had all camp. After individual group work, we started one on ones. If you’re not familiar with the football, slang 1 on 1’s are just where it’s wide receiver catching and cornerback trying to prevent the catch. My first time up, my coach called a fade which is just when you run straight up the

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