Jean Luc Lindor. Phi 3633 Bioethics. First Paper Assignment.

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Jean Luc Lindor
Phi 3633 Bioethics
First paper Assignment

To begin with, I would be writing about the following cases listed below, it’s about a patient which is a 19 year old man. “At his routine well-visit, he asks his doctor for a referral so that he can get a vasectomy. His doctor initially tries to dissuade him, but Patient X is insistent, so his doctor writes a referral for a urologist. Upon meeting with Patient X, however, the urologist refuses to perform the surgery, advising him: “Come back in a decade or so! You are far too young to be making such a decision.” (Case file A, in the paper instruction).
Paternalism are the rules that govern doctors towards choosing or making a decision towards a patient. Doctors these …show more content…

The right to undergo vasectomy is a personal decision that was made by the patient and thus the hindrance provided by the doctor was not good for him. The doctor 's half-hearted referral of the patient to the urologist is therefore an affront to his rights thereby illustrating that the doctor had strong paternalism tendencies.
There are many diverse type of reasoning that is related to the justification of the mandatory treatment or decision by the patient. It is discussed that the autonomous decision of refusal of health care ought to be respected as far as psychiatry is concerned. It is argued also that a patient who do not accept health care without clear reason should be given necessary treatment to ensure the best interest of the patient is served. There could also arise some of the people who are not competent, who may have their reasons on health care refusal; there decisions should be well consider. The concept of strong paternalism that involve the patients who are competent, the validity of the wishes of the patients should be considered and evaluated with a lot of keenness. This is because some of the patients have ill reasons towards the decisions that they always give. In this thesis that involve the 19-year old and the doctor, strong scrutiny should be made before the doctor makes the decisions to grant him or her permission of doing what the patient.

Now, I will explain the difference between strong and weak paternalism. Strong paternalism is the

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