Jedidiah Smith Research Paper

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Jedidiah Smith was born on January 6, 1799 in Bainbridge, NY, USA. When he died, he was surrounded by Comachane Indians and died on May 27, 1831 In Northern Mexico. In his early life, Jedidiah became a member of General William Ashley’s exploration and fur trapping group. Smith began his western voyages in 1822. In 1823, he was declared a leader of his tribe. When Jedidiah was born, he was born into a family of 13 and he was put in the middle of it. In 1823, Smith got attacked be a grizzly bear. The grizzly bear smashed his ribs and got his entire scalp ripped off. It was hanging on by his ear. He told Jim Clyman to sew it back on. Smith was 6 feet tall. He had brown hair and blue eyes He had 1 son. When smith died he was 32 years old.
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