Jekyll and Hyde Newspaper Article

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Last night London was startled by a crime of incredible ferocity and rendered all the more notable by the high position of the victim. Sir Danvers Carew, a MP, was murdered not far from the Thames River on the alleyway close to the Billy Goat Tavern. This happened at around eleven until two in the night. He was clubbed to death with a heavy cane. There is no apparent motive for Sir Carew’s murder.
An eyewitness is the maidservant, which sustains to have seen the whole scene from her bedroom window. Her description of the suspect Mr Hyde, the murderer, was: particularly small and wicked looking. Another source was Mr Hyde’s maid. She lived in Mr Hyde’s in Soho. By talking to her we gathered that Mr Hyde the main subject wasn’t much …show more content…

His family was not traceable also he has never been photographed. It is suspected that he still is in London.
The police are Appealing to anyone who has ever seen him. The only common element in the different descriptions is that this Mr Hyde has a sinister look.
If anyone has sightings please contact the police on local phone 112 or at there email

The victim was found with a letter he was sending

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