Jem Finch Loss Of Innocence

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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem Finch is a young boy who is nearly thirteen and throughout the story he reveals his loss of innocence. He starts to realize how the world isn’t as great of a place as he thought it was and stands up to his father. There are certain scenes in the book that show how he is maturing and how he is not as childish as he used to be. When Atticus is mobbed by a group of men, his two children Scout and Jem show up. While Scout stays hidden in the bushes, Atticus demands Jem to leave. “’Go home, Jem, ‘he said… Jem shook his head… ‘Son, I said go home.’ Jem shook his head.”(Lee 203). At this moment Jem’s actions show how he is maturing well enough to stand up to his father. Another scene is during

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