Jewish Resistance In Ww2

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Jewish Resistance
Jews weren't the only ones resisting, anti-Nazi groups formed and resisted along with them. Most Jews who resisted were called partisans, these were unorganized military groups who fought against Germany. Throughout the years roughly 1941 through 1945, the most uprisings occurred. This is when Jews were forced into ghettos, slave camps and concentration camps.
The Nazis targeted Jews, gypsies, and Jehovas Wittenesses but primarily Jews. The Nazis sorted through them and Jews wore the yellow star of David. In 1939 the Nazis rounded them up and put them in ghettos. Life in ghettos wasnt easy and Jews made secret work behind the Nazis back. These camps would isolate the Jews from the “superior race” also known as the Germans. Then theyd be transported to work camps, concentration camps, and death camps. Some …show more content…

The Jews did care, making secret forces in camps and waiting for the right moment. One of the first recgonized revolts was in Treblinka. On August 2, 1943 hundreds found whatever weapons possible and ran through the S.S and into the woods. Some 200 prisoners escaped and fled but the Nazis werent liking it and killed about half of the remaining prisoners. In Sobibor about 300 prisoners escaped and killed 11 S.S officers in the process. In one of the biggest camps there also was revolts. In Auschwitz prisoners rebelled after learning their fate. The rebellion went horribly and no prisoners escaped but leaving hundreds dead. Those who did escape either hid or joined the partisans. These partisans took no mercy and did whatever they could to irritate and strike fear into the Nazis. There bases were mostly located in the dense forest. They derailed huge amounts of trains which would oventually wear down German soldiers on the front lines. Some partisans however would rob and steal food from locals. They did whatever they could to stop the evil war machine of the

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