Jfk 's Rhetorical Masterpiece Of John F. Kennedy 's Moon Speech Essay

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Ismael Pineda Dr. Livingston English 1101 27 Sept. 2016 JFK’s Rhetorical Masterpiece John F. Kennedy’s “Moon Speech” is a rhetorical masterpiece, which painted a vivid picture of America’s upcoming role as being a world leader in space exploration. The 1962 “Moon speech” was delivered by John F. Kennedy at the Rice University stadium in the midst of the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. Kennedy’s ultimate goal with the “Moon Speech” was to get the Nation on board to support the NASA space program and ultimately beat the soviets to get a man on the moon. John F. Kennedy’s “Moon Speech successfully persuaded the American public to support the space program. Much of the speech’s success lay in its thoughtful use of Kairos and style. John F. Kennedy’s use of Kairos in the “Moon Speech” lay a nations mind at ease in the midst of a time of tension between the U.S and the Soviet Union, while his use of style kept his audience’s attention and made curtail points that sunk into the minds of his audience. The importance of Kairos to the JFK “Moon Speech” was crucial to its success because he chose to deliver it at a time when America wanted to surpass the Soviet Union and beat them to the moon. The events that led up to JFK’s decision to deliver his “Moon Speech” were paramount to the immediate approval of JFK’s proposition by the American people. Throughout much of the midcentury, the U.S. and the Soviet Union were in a cold war. The reaction back at

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