Jim Jones Psychopath

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A psychopath is a person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. A person who is labeled a narcissist has a sense of self-importance and needs others for admiration, but showed a lack of empathy. The Reverend Jim Jones was a psychopath who ultimately lead hundreds of people to their deaths in Guyana. He developed narcissist behavior due from his upbringing, when he was older he wanted the love he wasn’t showed in his childhood, but he never learned how to treat others with the same compassion he desired. Although never being diagnosed officially there are signs of behavior to point to Jim Jones being a psychopath and narcissist. Why were people so reluctant to follow him and teachings,a man who lied, …show more content…

Jones was an outcast early, even with children in his neighborhood because he always looked so differently than them. His eyes were slanted, almost oriental, his face round, his hair shiny, black and straight like an Indian’s. In his youth Jones felt unloved because his mother’s opinion of him being “ugly” because of his multiracial appearance, although she was part Cherokee Indian. His father “Big Jim” reportedly had a deep racist mentality and was reportedly a member of the Ku Klux Klan. His father was also an unemployed alcoholic, who made a little money on the side being a fortune teller. “Jones began his own religious quest around the age of 10. He visited churches in the small town of Lynn where he lived with his family and befriended a Pentecostal minister for a time.” An observant child, Jones began taking what he learned at these different houses of worship and started preaching to other children in the community.” ( "Jim Jones." A&E Networks Television. Web. 13 Apr. 2016). Jones’s parents eventually separated in 1948 and he moved to live with his mother in Richmond, Indiana. While in Richmond Jones began to work at a local hospital, there he met an older nurse Marceline Baldwin who he married.Shortly after getting married the couple adopted 3 children of three different ethnic groups. The family relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana where Jones worked as a methodist preacher in …show more content…

To get people of different ages and racial backgrounds to be able to coexist together. This was something the great United States of America hadn’t/hasn’t figured out how to do. “Jim Jones was a very desirable man to many women, and a role model to the men. He was extremely charismatic and always came across as a good person who was always trying to help others out.” ( "Histories of Peoples Temple, Biographies of Jim Jones." Alternative Considerations of Jonestown Peoples Temple. Web. 13 Apr. 2016.) Even though in ways Jones manipulated the senior citizens of his church, he still looked out for them. Although he had them turn over their life savings and homes to People’s Temple, he made sure they were kept up. People’s Temple had a couple retirement homes were these older members could live with other older members. They didn’t have to pay for a thing food was provided, all their needs were met, and there numerous pictures and videos shows Jim mingling with his older members. Every member in the temple was guaranteed free medical and dental expenses. Also, him wanting to help African Americans and be a part of the Civil Rights Movement. The Jones family was the first family in Indiana to adopt a black child. He was also noted to have desegregated a couple of restaurants and a hospital while still living in Indiana. These things

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