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Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio was one of the best baseball players of all time. He set many records, including the longest wining streak in Major League Baseball history, it lasted 56 games. He came to America as the son of poor Italian immigrants, but grew up to be an American Icon.

Joseph Paul DiMaggio was born on November 25, 1914. His parents were Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio and Rosalie DiMaggio. He had three brothers and three sisters. His brothers were Michael DiMaggio, Tom DiMaggio, and Vince DiMaggio. His sisters were Dominic, Nellie, and Marie DiMaggio. His father was a fisherman, and his family was poor. They lived in an old, small shack. Vince DiMaggio dropped out of high school and turned his back on fishing. He worked …show more content…

But the relationship with Joe and the other guys wasn’t close. I couldn’t say that. But he was a solid guy, and if anyone ever need help or advice or anything like that, Joe was there.” Pete Sheely, the Yankee clubhouse manager, said, “I can describe Joe in one word: class. He was the most perfect ballplayer I ever saw, but he was I shy fellow. I will tell you something else though. When Joe DiMaggio enters the clubhouse, the lights flicker, he’s the star.” Joe DiMaggio was great baseball player.

The Yankees bought DiMaggio in 1936. That season a high school class in Cincinnati was asked to name the greatest American of all time. George Washington finished second, DiMaggio finished first. Abraham Lincoln placed third.

During his career Joe DiMaggio played in nine World Series. In 1946, Rosalie DiMaggio died. DiMaggio hit way below his normal average, hitting only .290. That was his career low in batting average. The next spring, in 1947, he was almost traded for Ted Williams. The Boston Red socks also asked for Yogi Berra in a trade. The Yankees turned down both. Yogi Berra was also a great player. Joe DiMaggio won his third MVP in his career and hit two home runs in the World Series that year. The New York Yankees won the World Series in 1947. On February 7, 1949, DiMaggio became the first $100,000 ballplayer in Major League Baseball History. They Yankees were doing excellent, but unfortunately, in a game before the end of that season, Joe severely injured his

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