John Brown 's Life And Life

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John Brown came from a line of men who were passionate about their convictions. In 1620, Peter Brown, a passenger aboard the Mayflower and signer of the Mayflower Compact, began the Brown legacy in America (Weiser). John Brown’s grandfather, his namesake, was a captain in the Revolutionary War when he lost his life to dysentery while fighting for his beliefs in 1776. He left behind his wife and ten children, including his five year old son, Owen Brown.
When his father died, Owen Brown’s family suffered. Without any help, the family’s crops failed that year, and they were forced to sell their cattle. The family tried to maintain their farm, but the fierce winter the next year made things even more difficult; most of their remaining livestock died. Three years later, there was a religious revival, causing his mother to turn to God to get herself through losing her husband and becoming financially unstable. The family became more united through this introduction of faith into their lives, and Owen Brown also became closer to their local minister, Jeremiah Hallock, and learned many morals from him (Owen Brown’s Autobiography). One of the biggest things he took away from his time with the minister was his hatred of slavery. One day, he overheard Hallock talking to another minister about how slavery was a sin, and that discussion shaped Brown’s views on slavery for the rest of his life (Horn, 16).
Once Owen Brown was thirteen, he went to work making shoes in the…

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