John F. Kennedy and Reagan's Debate

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The two speeches that were discussed in Germany about the berlin wall are similar but also different from each other. John f. Kennedy’s speech focuses on how he has never heard of a wall being put up to keep the people of Germany a divided continent. He also states that his people in his country take pride in being able to meet the people of West Berlin. To add on he also says “I know of no town, no city, that has been besieged for 18 years that still lives with the vitality and the force, and the hope and the determination of the city of West Berlin”. With that statement it lets people know that berlin is a strong and determined country. John demands freedom and in one of the lines from his speech he says “Freedom is indivisible, and …show more content…

To be able to call yourself united as one and to live a peaceful and stop the wars that are happening. John shows that in his speech and demands freedom for berlin to become one as a whole. Then again I wouldn’t disagree with Ronald’s speech either because he does show love for the country or shows he is proud to stand for berlin as well as America. But John puts the people first before his own belief. Both were amazing speeches and were happy to stand by Germany through the rough times and now they are a peaceful place and still maintain the beauty of their own

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