Essay about John F. Kennedy´s Effective Use of Words

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Within our nation’s history, former president John F. Kennedy is known best as being one of the most acknowledged political figures. Despite the few questionable decisions made during his regime, Kennedy maintained his reputation as one of the most highly regarded presidents, according to the public. His extensive amount of popularity among the Americans both during his term as president and in current times is recognized in his unique but effective use of his words. With the use of his optimistic yet appealing rhetorical style, Kennedy was able to connect with his people on a more personal level that no other president has ever been able to duplicate. In John F. Kennedy’s speech to the press on April 10, he attempted to …show more content…

The undeniable concrete details used made everything he said so much more reliable and supported the main point he was attempting to get across. In addition to these adequate examples, Kennedy incorporates ethos by citing his sources of the given statistics. He gives names of people of power such as Secretary Mcnamara, the United States Secretary of Defense from 1961 to 1968, and the acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. His argument is further validated with this use of ethos by assuring his audience that they can trust his every word. In almost every sentence, Kennedy uses words which bring unity and coherence between him and his audience. Simple uses of “us”, “America”, and “union” allow others to see the amount of pride he has in his country. This vital strategy also brings him closer to his people which leads to them agreeing with what he had to say and pushes them away from the choices the steel companies have made. Again, further validating his statement between him and his people. It is inevitable that president John F. Kennedy was one of the greatest speakers when it came to the use of rhetorical strategies. He knew how to manipulate his audience’s opinion in a matter of a few words, a talent that not many were able to obtain. Using

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