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In the art of manipulation, gaining as much rapport as possible with one’s victim is crucial (Hadnagy 140). Carleton built a false bond of trust with her victims by making a strong first impression as well as by creating an amiable social image. The fraudster established rapport through her good looks, appropriate attire, and falsified social class. Johnson mentions in his text about Carleton that it was easy for “[a] woman of her figure, beauty and address” to become acquainted with men (Johnson 221). This proved to be true because in many of Carleton’s crimes, she developed pseudo-romantic relationships with her victims, who were enticed by her beauty. Mary Carleton’s relative ease in building such relationships is a result of the human …show more content…

This pre-established trust between the fraudster and her victims was based on physical appearance and allowed her to easily build relationships, as demonstrated in her attempt to defraud John Carleton (Johnson 222-223). Despite not having a close relationship at first, Mr. Carleton still “became enamoured of” her as a result of the impression she made on him (Johnson 222), resulting in the fraudster successfully establishing an amorous relationship with him. Although she failed to execute her intended crime as a result of an anonymous letter exposing her deceitful ways (Johnson 223), this example remains a demonstration of the advantages Mary Carleton had when manipulating people because her attractiveness allowed her to easily establish rapport with her victims. Moreover, the sight of attractive women has been proven to make men behave irrationally making them even more vulnerable to manipulation (Grewal). Mary Carleton also occasionally attempted to create façades that portrayed her as unthreatening in order to convince her victims to trust

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