John Locke And The American Revolution

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John Locke: A Key to the American Revolution

It is widely accepted that the American Revolution was quite different for its time. Some may argue the English revolution was similar in a sense of greatly reducing the power of monarchy, however at this time there had not been many quite like it in the sense of a revolution completely doing away with monarchy. In this revolution we saw a rising movement from the people to oppose monarchy and demand a rule by the people. In this revolution we saw average people rise to take arms against King George after being inspired by literary works of revolutionary figureheads. Most commonly in the form of pamphlets, these literary masterpieces demanded change and spurred others to become passionate revolutionaries hell-bent on liberty. Lines were drawn and this movement soon became in full swing thanks to revolutionaries such as: Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson. Their literary propaganda constantly drew more supporters and sympathizers to the cause day after day. There is one thing however all their literary works have in common. They all are inspired by the same man. A common ancestor of a sorts, almost all of their literary works are heavily influenced by a British man named John Locke who died nearly a hundred years before the revolution began! Almost all of this revolution propaganda is Lockean,and derives from his principles and beliefs. In a sense he is in turn one of the most uncredited authors of his time

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