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In this essay I argue that the late philosopher Locke has the most compelling theory of metaphysics. First, I explain Locke’s point that all humans are born as Tabula Rasa, in order to gain basic understanding of where Locke begins his theory. Second, I discuss how Locke argues how we obtain knowledge, empiricism and representationalism, and knowledge about the work varies between strong and weak inferences. Third, I will provide counter examples to Locke’s ideas, and will explain why these counter examples work for Locke’s theories provided. Finally, I address some of the ways that Locke might respond to my objections. The following paragraph will be used to define and understand the concepts of the following key terms that Locke uses:…show more content…
Locke furthers his own theory of this by stating that humans are not born with innate ideas (Matheis). With what Locke states, we as humans can reason that we are born without any knowledge and everything that we learn is put onto our blank slate. The Tabula Rasa is important because it also gives us a basic understanding to Locke’s later arguments and theories. Locke argues that if we all had an innate idea we wouldn't need to use reason to discover them because they would already be present in the human mind. Although, Locke’s idea about blank slates is a very logical idea, there are a few flaws within. Innate knowledge, which was produced as an idea from Plato states that we already learned everything prior to being born, we are just simply experiencing and recollecting knowledge from our soul that we had before our physical birth. Plato was not the only philosopher that supported the idea of innate knowledge. Descartes also believed in innate knowledge over the Tabula Rasa, he believed in the innate ideas of God. Kant also believed that we had a sense of time, space, causality and comparison from innate knowledge (Al-Rodhan). Locke then goes further into his theory by stating that all knowledge begins with sensory experiences. Locke states that everything that is learned from our experience with objects. Since we are born as a Tabula Rasa we know nothing, so knowledge is the most valuable key. Locke
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