John Wayne Gacy Research Paper

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John Wayne Gacy
John Wayne Gacy was known as “The Killer Clown” and “Pogo The Clown “. He was a serial killer that sexually assaulted and tortured and murdered 33 teenage boys. Gacy’s father beat him and his siblings if they misbehaved with a razor strap. He was unable to play with children at school because of his heart condition his father said it was a disappointment. He had a antisocial personality disorder which is a long term mental condition that often is criminal. He was often bullied by the neighborhood bullies of his disorder being overweight and uncouth his disorder prevented from him acting good in school. He was to himself over his school years he didn't have a lot of friends and couldn’t play sports his sister taught him to …show more content…

The business college went to helped him get most of these people to trust of him because he became a smooth talker and very persuasive most of his neighbors saw him leaving a returning at all times day and night and a lot of young men going into his house some were male prostitutes they were never seen again. He was killing them and burying them under his house in the crawl space but the police were closing in on him and he was running out of room under his house. One of his last murders was when he got a 20 year old after a thanksgiving dinner. After him and his wife got a divorce because of him being bisexual people that lived around him started to notice that their was a stench in the neighborhood around this time rumors were coming around saying he was molesting teenage boys. Most of the boys he killed were looking for job opportunities and went to talk to him about getting a job which was probably meeting him somewhere secluded or at his house this was really easy for him to kill them. The last known killing was Robert Piest he was killed talking to gacy about a job and someone notified the police about his disappearance and they went to talk to gacy and ended up getting a search warrant and they found several bodies he finally admitted to 33 killings and arrested they found Robert Piest near a lock

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