Johnny Short Story

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Johnny was a student at school and he didn't have very many friends, mainly because he was selfish and lazy, he expected everybody to agree with him no matter what he said. On the day that his 7th grade class got a new math Teacher he expected her to know what he wanted and when he wanted it, but when he didn't get it, he was confused and started to get angry, and the teacher sent him to the office, he had never been to the office before because all the other teachers were threatened by the boy's parents. So he didn't know what to expect, he was sent home immediately and on the way to his house he fell asleep in the car, when, he woke up, he didn't know where he was.He was on a beach of some sort and he wandered around for a while and only found a forest like area beyond the beach. …show more content…

He had to improvise and try to do it by himself, but he had never really done any work.he managed to make a hut that was small and kept most of the rain out.he had to find food to survive, but he couldn't find out how to catch or cook some of the animals on the island at first he tried using a spear that didn't work so he tried using a trap and he was able to catch a small animal he didn't know what it was but now he had to cook it so he tried to rub two sticks together and he could not get it to work he tried many different ways and he finally got it to work and he finally had fire. After two years on the mysterious island he knew how to survive and do things for

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