Johnsonville Case

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Following your request for my input on how well the Johnsonville corporate environment would fit in our company; I have come up with the conclusion that our company would be able to effectively implement a similar system, but maybe not to the full extent of Johnsonville. As of this moment, all of the plant and line managers make all decisions for the individual line employees. After reviewing Johnsonville’s plan, I feel that it could benefit our company to allow for the line workers to have the right to judge their own performance, as well as their fellow line workers. I think that just like with Johnsonville, our employees will respond more to criticism from their peers and in turn, work at a higher standard. This would create a social custom …show more content…

We would first need to determine our overall goal to reach and then turn to finding the starting place. In my opinion, our Point B should be centered on the quality of our food products and our plant operation procedures. This is a decision that can be made my management, but the process of how we get to Point B should be a decision that we allow the employees to make. The goal for our managers should be to allocate resources and put people into positions that allow them to make successful decisions. The advantages to having the A to B system, as well as employees determining the steps to complete the goals is that employees will be much more invested in their work. The production lines problems in the plants can be resolved through employee teamwork and this might also lead to resolving the dissatisfaction. Another part to consider is the burn out affect that employees have said to be experiencing. With them in charge of coming up with the new ways to accomplish the goal, they will have new challenges to conquer. I feel that the burn out issue will be taken care of when the employees are able to make decisions, such as new incentive programs or employee review surveys.
Finally, while I feel that many of the Johnsonville strategies could work out well for us, I do not think that we would be able to completely switch the company over. I feel that some processes of our company, such as decisions on what to produce and expansion would have to come from upper management. I feel that with allowing employees to make many decisions that should improve line efficiency and employee moral, the higher importance decisions can be left to upper management and employ the Johnsonville strategy for plant

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