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Joseph M. Gottfried Mr. Hutchens American Government 17 April 2017 This paper will be about the 1st amendment of the Bill of Rights (Amendment 1-10 of the United States Constitution). Along with talking about the 1st amendment, this paper will include court cases from all five parts of this amendment. The Bill of Rights was approved on September 25, 1789, however, it was not ratified until December 15, 1791. The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution are known as the bill of rights. The Bill of rights was created by, James Madison, because many states wanted to have more individual rights and protection for it’s citizens. All of the amendments of the United States Constitution are very important to us as a country,…show more content…
This concern could also turn bad and become a riot or things of that nature. So in order to keep things peaceful the government will be allowed to limit the freedom of speech of everyone in the United States. The second freedom of the 1st amendment is the freedom of religion. In this country there are many groups of people who practice different religions. Along with these practices there are also ceremonies and holidays that go along with these religions. Some religions allow people to miss work, school, etc. because they celebrate their holidays and/or ceremonies together with family, friends, and those of the same faith as them. A great example of this celebration of someone’s religion occurred just a couple days ago. In this specific ceremony people of this particular faith did not eat the entire day and then feasted. It’s funny how people violate a religion different than their own but then when their religion is violated then they get offended. To get mad at someone for violating your religion after you just violated their religion makes them nothing more than hypocrites. Religion is what most people hold dear and take very seriously and to violate their religion because you do not approve of it is just wrong. A court case that deals with religion is the Wisconsin v. Yoder court case. In this court case the state of Wisconsin requires children to be enrolled in school until they are 16 years old, however, Jonas Yoder

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