Journal Of A Soldier: A Short Story

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The past few weeks have been full of surprises! It turns out I had malaria. I couldn't walk a single step, and I would gag at the smell of food. I was kept at a rich family's plantation named the Jackmans. They had plenty of slaves and the father of the family was a rebel. One day he came over and spoke to me about how the Confederate soldiers were going to get repeating rifles. They were just like Lieutenants Orff’s gun! If the rebels were to get these dangerous guns the war would last at least another five years! I was surprised at how the Jackmans treated their slaves. They were so nice to them that I felt bad for taking them away as a Union soldier. Heifer then came to the Jackmans to pick me up to go back to camp. While I was at camp, I had the…show more content…
Little does he know that I'm not a rebel, but I still loved him. The rebels succeed and took all the clothes and boots that they needed. A few weeks later Watie stole a Union train that carried supplies worth $1,500,000. I was then awakened one day and told that I had to leave with Colonial Thompson to get some weapons. The weapons were being sold by a Union soldier! It was Captain Clardy! Goosebumps ran down my whole entire body. This devil was betraying the Union! Captain Clardy was selling rifles to the rebels for gold! I couldn't believe my eyes! I had tried to cover my face so Captain clardy doesn't recognize me. I was flabbergasted! As I got back to Boggy Depot, I immediately planned an escape. I would steal a horse and leave. I didn't really want to go because I was having fun here, but I had to tell Blunt about Captain Clardy. I passed by a lobby and noticed that couples were waltzing to music. The seemed like the happiest people I had ever seen. All of a sudden a girl said, “Excuse me.” Her voice was soft and when I saw her she was very pretty. She was with a blonde man. I took a second look at her. My heart skipped a beat. It was
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