Journalism Bias

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The Effects of Journalism Bias in America
A quarter of all young adults in America are cannibals. While this statement is true, it is wildy misleading. The undoctored statistic is roughly 25% of young adults in America bite their nails. It is technically not incorrect to depict nail biters as cannibals, but this type of misleading manipulation completely changes the meaning of the data. Rephrasing polls or surveys while retaining the same data is just one of the many ways journalists use deception to mold the news into their desired bias. An increase in journalism bias has coincided with the political polarization of America, and the links between the two are frequent. With media as most Americans only way to stay educated on our nation's issues, any flaws in reporting will have proliferating effects on the millions of Americans watching. Since the dawn of media journalism, a bias has existed. Due to shifts within the networks and liberal leaning education, this bias has grown into an uncontrollable beast that contributes to the harsh political polarization of America. The creation and prosperity of a widespread journalism bias is becoming more prevalent, resulting in an extremely partisan public and without addressing the change, it will soon become a dilemma with no foreseeable method to reverse or correct the damage.
The media has been used over the past 60 years by writers, producers, actors, and executives to promote their ideology and mold Americans into

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