Journeys In Peter Skrzynecki's Crossing The Red Sea

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The way in which individuals experience the world often prompts a new understanding of the personal journeys they embark on. The experiences derived from these journeys are unique to the individual in accordance to the type of journey. The concepts of journeys could be either physical, inner, or imaginative; as explored in Peter Skrzynecki’s insightful poems ‘leaving home’ and ‘crossing the red sea’ as well as the comedy- drama film ‘ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ directed by Ben Stiller. Physical Journeys such as travelling from place to place can lead an individual to a new experience of the world.Throughout a physical journey an individual will need to overcome obstacles in order to reach the destination and will gain a new understanding of their surroundings. Skrzynecki’s ‘crossing the red sea’ depicts a physical journey through the eyes of migrants moving from one country to another and shares their experience throughout the Journey.The individuals in crossing the red sea must overcome the metaphorical obstacle of leaving their home in order to reach the destination of a new life, this is shown …show more content…

’Leaving Home’ by Peter Skrzynecki follows the poets point of view as he gets a new job and has to move away from home.The emotions that develop within the poet are caustic and pessimistic as he faces alienation within a new reality as well as confront a profound yearning for home.”watching myself outside in the rain, my severed head under one arm” portrays a visual imagery of a ghost or other being through a state of existentialism which further emphasises the poets feeling of alienation and his pessimistic attitude towards his current situation.”dreamt of three headless crows” is part of the poets subconscious dealing with the dismay of leaving home and the events of the past day.This is a prime example of the mind taking an imaginative journey to provide an understanding of the

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